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Casinos are now accessible online unlike a few years back when playing in a casino was a planned venture. With increased online service providers, it can be challenging to find the most suitable casino to play in. However, there are certain characteristics that you should look out for. A good casino has a good dealer who has the following traits.


Understand the rules of the games


The No 1 casino in Canada has a dealer that understands the rules of the game. Whether you are playing in an all slots casino or a casino with different games, you must have a genuine dealer in place. It is important for the dealer to be sure of himself at all times. The integrity of a game is ruined when the dealer does not know the rules since things are likely to go wrong very fast.


Keeps the game moving and interesting


 The dealer at the casino of choice should have the necessary skills to keep the game moving. In on a slow day the game must be interesting enough to attract players. The dealer ensures that the game progresses properly without being too slow or rushing the players. It is important to find the best balance, which is why having a good dealer, is crucial.




 Great dealers are consistent. The players know that they are not taken advantage of when a certain dealer is in charge. A good dealer does not change style once customers are accustomed to it. Most players want consistency since it makes them comfortable and gives them confidence to continue playing the game. A good dealer understands this fact and will continue doing all he or she can to entice players to continue playing.


Professionalism is key


 A good dealer understands that this is a professional relationship. He or she will not interfere with the players. In case of a brick and motor casino all slots, the dealer has to practice good posture and avoid pointing at is common courtesy also to avoid looking at players. Not pointing at them means that you are respecting them. Players are sensitive to deal with and they must be treated well since they are the most important part of the transaction because they are the client. 


Practices restraint


 It is possible for the dealer to overreact in instances when players act inappropriately. Not always will players acts cordially. Even when this happens, it is important for the dealer to exercise patience and restraint. A good dealer makes a great percentage of having a good casino.